Our Story

Electronic music festivals and events are an experience like none other. This is largely due to the kind of people that they attract. The EDM community consists of many different types of people, from different cultures, nationalities & professions, gathering together to collectively share a positive & joyful experience in art and music. For a short period of time, something akin to magic occurs. People are kind to each other, look out for each other, and encourage each other to be expressive in the most creative ways possible. This particular environment is what encouraged Lindsay, to showcase her UV makeup artistry in public, which inspired a conversation between her & Jake, leading to a friendship and eventually, marriage.


As one might imagine, music and art has a special place in our hearts, so our favorite leisure activity consists of attending festivals or concerts together. As the popularity of these these events have rapidly grown over time, some of the aspects that truly made the atmosphere special had begun to change. We noticed that several popular event companies focused less on the well being of their attendees and more on the commercialization of a fringe culture. A noteworthy experience with this phenomenon occurred when a popular venue in Houston shut down their air conditioning during a concert, and posted a meme about how their actions were motivated by an attempt to sell more fans. We also began to notice that many festivals did not have adequate measures in place to assist people in case they have a negative interaction or potentially feel unsafe & are separated from their friends. Although the EDM community takes pride in its reputation for looking out for each other, an organizer’s first job should be looking out for their guests.


As these types of deficits began to occur more frequently, the shift in focus on consumerism instead of art, music & people became more apparent, and the magical feeling that earned a special place in our hearts began to lose its luster. We have the belief that a person should be the change they wish to see, so motivated by this ideology, we moved out of Houston to the small town of Midway in hopes of establishing a place where art and music enthusiasts could gather. With access to larger spaces and a close proximity to Houston, Dallas, and Austin, we created TerraNova TX to host electronic music & art festivals with a people-first attitude in an effort to give others the same magical experience that we were privileged to know. In order to accomplish this without receiving corporate sponsorship, we focused our mission on building a network of DJs, artists, music collectives, and production companies with the goal of unifying to support each other and change the face of the entertainment industry in Texas, while cultivating a safe, responsible & increasingly sustainable festival environment for art and music lovers. Shortly after the formation of TerraNova TX, we began working on the NOVA music and art festival as our premiere project.


There is a long list of friends, artists and small business owners, who believe in what we are doing and provided their help and guidance to bring the NOVA project to life. It has been truly inspiring to meet so many talented, like-minded people, that want to support each other and a culture that cherishes art, music & creativity at its core. These are the types of people that make us proud to call ourselves Texans.


We don't divide, we multiply.

TerraNova TX proudly supports local businesses & community outreach. If you or your organization is interested in becoming involved, please contact us!