NOVA 2023 All-Stars

Click the blue text links below to explore more about everyone who helped make NOVA 2023 a great first year fest!





903 Rave Squad


Austin’s Dub Academy


Bass Love HTX


DFW Rave Fam


Houston DJ Collective


Houston’s Dollar Disco









Analog Visual Arts & Live Painting



Visual Arts Team Lead - Anton “Twonzz” Igdalov



Ana “A Soul” Solano



Andrey "Drey" Igdalov



Andrielle “Elle” DiMarzio



Annabella “Art by Mellow” Ladewig



Brittany "Kyx" Davey



Jake “J Rob” Roberts



Lesley-Marie Diaz



Rob “Grave Robber Arts” Valdez





Digital Visual Arts



Digital Visuals Team Lead - Prysma Presents



Analyze Visuals



Organism Visuals



Trill City Visuals












Media Arts



Media Team Lead - Alissa Szucs



Black Bear Senpai



Chad Alexander Photography



Cipher Photoz



Free_Man_Foto for Daisy’s One World



JDB Custom Photography



Landry St. Patrick with Sky Guys Drones



RZ Nation



Shaye Eve Photography






Performing Arts



Performance Team Lead - Dreamz



Fire Team Lead - Katrina Rose



          with support by Chrispy the Fire Clown






Daisy’s One World


Under the direction of Mollie Ravenn


          Becca Kahl



          BriAlice Elena




          Check out his fashion collection, HUNG!



           Lennon Brown III



           Mack “TuT” Riojas



           Megan Blast



          Mollie Ravenn






           Sara Peper



           Sierra Doll



Anthony Rodriguez



Amber “Bambi” Rayne Fox









Jade Schacht



Jasmine Chronic



Jay Boyd



Markus Hill



Milton Anderson



OG Wiggles









Alex Raling



Patrick “HIM” Vasquez



Misty “Miss T” Lam



Zynderick “Zerrin” Amoah



Bryant Lastik



Zach Shireman









Volunteer Coordinator - Scarlett Culpepper



Alex Raling



BeX Frith



Brandon Wilkin



Daryl “Smokie” Start



Jhovanny “Geo” Zelaya-Valencia



Katelin Downs









Vendor Coordinator - Deona Bondy




Merch & Services



Alpha & Omega Tattoos



Cosmic Energy



Earth & Space Marketplace



Happie Co. Clothing



Heartshaped Hoodrat



Kinked Pins



Luxury Smoke & Vape Madisonville



Masked Ghoul Productions



Northern Rose Company



Rad Rocks Co



Scott Attomic



Small World Productions DFW



The Four Twos Collective



Trippy Hippie Company



Twisted Ties Art Collective



Wired Child



Zig Point







Ants Sacred Juice



Keis Vegan Eatz



Rar Grill



Sir Wintson's Kitchen



Sweet T's Rollin Cafe



Twisted Orchard





Supporting Collectives & Artists:



Tenhut Collective



Zodiac Vibez



DJs of Aggieland



Texas Electronic




All Supporting Artists:






9 Remedies






Baess Kitty

     Check out her graphic design business, Kitty Maeks Art!





















Imag as LegWrk












King Venaroma



La Spooky



Lucas Dileo









Matty Noizz



Megan Dubose I & II






No Light Thing






Press Play









Roman as Vinnie Vi






The Storm









Vile Hippie



The Vital Rage



Ultra Ultra















Sleepy Wizard






Special Thanks:



Alexis McPherson - For selflessly offering up your sandbags in a pinch



Alex Raling - First Radiate contact & first dedicated promoter



Anthony “King Venaroma” Hamilton & Ivory “Ultra Ultra” Mauldin - Graphic Design Support



Art Front Side Quest - For bringing a new level of engagement & intrigue to the community



Bernard “B_Jezzy” Russett - First volunteer on site



BeX Frith - Leader among volunteers



Brianna “Entravert” Bush - For the errands, emergency vape & porta potty duty



Brock & the TerraNova Orchid - For beautiful moments captured with our community members



Daryl “Smokie” Start - For flawlessly & directing 2 way traffic with style points for 2 foam glow tubes



Deona Bondy - For believing in us enough to help us start & finish this project



DJ Segura & Leslie Kidd - For always busting ass right alongside us, no matter the project



Donovan "Donpairinion" Allen II - Having us on the podcast. Check out PH7 Records!



Emily “Vile Hippie” Wilks & Brandon Wilkin - Readily available with energy & enthusiasm for all aspects of the project



Flex Seal - For repairing our cracked water tank



Houston DJ Collective Associates - For build assistance



         Chris “Octavian” Oanea


         Ethan Escamilla


         Gary “Ten-D’s” Korinsky





Jake Roberts - For testing your Jeep’s towing capacity



Jhovanny “Geo” Zelaya-Valencia - For general assistance & creative problem solving



John “JohnRuh” Schulimak - STRONGEST Promo Efforts & Most Tickets Sold



Johnathan “Thumper” Carrol - Hospitality support



Joseph “Mobitz” Russell - For your constant support, innovative problem solving, impeccable hospitality & a dope set with a custom intro



Kaleo Okamikane - For providing creative, country solutions & taking off a weekend’s work just to come work our event with us



Kay Cote - Supporting our growth in multiple ways. Check out Amplify EDM!



Keis Vegan Eatz & Sir Winstons Kitchen - For nourishing our hardworking crew



Lucid Productions - Additional equipment - IG  URL



Madison County Sheriff's Department - For keeping us safe & giving us peace of mind



Michelle McConnell - For general planning & development support, including making important connections



Nick of Vanilla Guerillaz - For forging connections, advancing the plot & being a lovely friend


Quite the Setup (Mobile Campsite) - For giving us a comfy place to gather



Rad Rocks Co - For the lovely gifts & kind words



Randy “TazMayne” Hudson - For promotional team support



Rar Grill - For the handy thread tape



Ray’s Fields Ranch - For providing us a beautiful space to enjoy ourselves



Rich “Vozz” Park - Gave a sense of calm in the chaos. Check out Elysium Project!



RZ Nation Productions - Merch


Scarlett Culpepper - For all your time & hard work on the back end of this project



Travis Richmond - For general on site & technical/sound support



Tenhut Collective & Zodiac Vibes for showing up to serve uncovered shifts at last minute & inconvenient times



Unknow-N & Dreamland Visuals - For lighting up our beautiful venue with lasers for an otherwordly experience



Zzayonaraa - Beautiful Lotus Sculpture & Projection Mapping with direct support from Matthew "SVVISH" Swisher